"I will learn to love  myself, nobody knows who am I…
And in the end, there’s nothing..I’ve just his face in my memory."
Once upon a time….I’m sitting here and see The Moon.
Alone in the dark, The Moon smile to me…
"Can we shall be friend?"
I feel so lonely, I hope someone wake up and stay with me together.
Someone who’s talk with me before I sleep.
Just one night….just once!!
I’ve been loved somebody, he’s a nice guy.
But finally, he makes me broken…my heart is fragile!!
It’s hurt, hurt, hurt. But he’s never know anything….
He has gone away…
And never come back again…
I haven’t got his picture but although he’s leaved me
I will remember everything between us in my mind…
Nowsaday…He’s died!! But he’s still alive in my memory
…Now & Forever
**Dedicate to P’Nu, the person who’s teach me to love and to hurt, Goodbye** 
Benz 03.43 5/04/2006 ==>> ความรู้สึกที่ยากจะลืม…แต่ต้องจดจำ!!